Corporate Culture
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Enterprise mission

    Create a better life for human beings

    Creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders, and creating wealth for the society

Enterprise spirit

    Open, the courage to try to learn widely from others'strong points.

    Harmony: cooperation and cooperation, shared responsibility.

    Pragmatic: the pursuit of effectiveness, not publicity.

    Innovation: the development of science and technology, innovation mechanism.

Operating standards

    Rational pursuit: rather slow two steps, a good half step.

    Authorized operation: full authorization, performance oriented.

    Collaborative sharing: value for the sake of sharing benefits.

Development idea

    Integrity first, quality for the attitude of respect for innovation and development!

Employee competency standards

    Customer oriented, customer oriented, service oriented

    Stimulate potential: proactive, challenging pressure

    Effective communication: empathy, respect for each other

    Excellent execution: responsible, effective, positive thinking and problem solving

Employee code of conduct

    Dedication: dedication, courage to bear

    Enterprising: never satisfied, excellence

    Cooperation: obey the overall situation, collaborative

    Study: modest studious, apply their knowledge